Our Authors

Carol Lea Benjamin is the award-winning author of nine books about dog behavior and training, including Mother Knows Best, Second-Hand Dog and Dog Training in Ten Minutes, as well as the Shamus-Award winning Rachel Alexander and Dash mystery series. She has been awarded the Dog Writers of America’s highest honor, The Distinguished Service Award for Extraordinary Achieve-ment and Communications Excellence, and in 2003, she was elected to the Hall of Fame of the International Association of Canine Professionals for “a lifetime of dedication to dogs and their training.” Carol’s border collie, Sky, is her fourth service dog. Carol's blog contains lots of information and insights!

Anna Guthrie has devoted the past 15 years of her life to raising and training working border collies. Her focus is on training dogs for practical, everyday work. She travels throughout the west competing with her dogs at cattle trials, and is a regular competitor at the annual USBCHA National Cattle Finals. To help support her dog and livestock habit, she teaches academic writing to college freshmen at one of the California State University campuses.

Donald McCaig writes the following about himself:

Donald McCaig has written more books than he cares to remember and a couple good ones. You can read him in a dozen foreign languages, if you have time on your hands. He's been published in the New York Times, Smithsonian, Washington Post, Harper's, Atlantic, and Sports Illustrated and once won a literary prize but it was a French literary prize. He writes about rural living for NPR's All Things Considered which broadcasts his comments on slow days when the politicians aren't up to much.

He and his dogs have won sheepdog trials but he doesn't scare people much.

For twenty-five years, McCaig has raised sheep on a farm in Highland County where his Border Collies do as much of the work as mere dogs can and his wife Anne does the rest.

Though born in upstate New York, Sharon Northrup came West as soon as she could. She has lived in Montana, where she spent two summers on a Forest Service fire tower, California, Idaho, Illinois, Texas, and, what she considers her longest and most permanent home, Colorado. She’s often found at sheepdog trials with one of her border collies, or working sheep with her dogs at home.

Denise Wall breeds and trains working border collies and has successfully competed with them at the highest level in sheepdog trials. She has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and currently serves on the Health and Genetics Committee for the American Border Collie Association, the registry for working border collies. She has also served on the Board of Directors for this large, independent dog registry. In addition to scientific writing, Denise is an award-winning photographer whose photos have appeared in many publications, and a videographer. Her popular CDs and DVDs cover all aspects of sheepdog training.

T Yamamoto raises sheep and runs a wildlife rehabilitation facility with her husband, Pete in the Pacific northwest. She calls herself a falconer, poet, musher, and dreamer who thankfully has wise dogs and friends to help her along. Life always astounds her with its beauty and variety. In the stories of Bush Island she has returned to her childhood, which is where she finds peace.

Read T's blog for some more of her stories!